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Sam Ellefson, Q&A with Liz Cohen: Multimedia Artist and Educator on,  March 20th, 2021, ill 

Gilger, Lauren, ‘ASU Professor’s ‘Bodywork’ Project Explores Identity, Femininity’, on, 2 February 2021, ill 


Allen, Greg, ‘ART MATTERS NOW – 12 Writers on 20 Years of Art: Greg Allen Reviews Artists in the  Americas in 2005’, on:, 17 February 2020, ill



Sarah Rose Sharp, ‘Reviving the Iconic Women of Lowrider Magazine’, on:,  12 December 2018, ill


Sarah Rose Sharp, ‘In a Sprawling Collaboration, an Artist and Her Subject Craft His Identity’, Sarah  Rose Sharp on:, 23 February 2016 


Marshall Heyman, ‘Liz Cohen’s Trabantimino Comes to Bridgehampton’ in: The Wall Street Journal, 6  July 2014, p A19, ill 

El Whyner, ‘1987 Trabant 601 Deluxe - The Professor Knows Best’ in: Lowrider Magazine, June 2014,  pp 102-103, ill 


‘Lowrider Builder and Child’ in: Petunia 5: The Family Issue, June 2013, pp 37-37, ill Tamara Warren, ‘Look, It’s a Trabant, It’s an El Camino. It’s the Trabantimino.’ on:, 30 August 2013  


Gilles Uzan, ‘Transformers: More than Meets the Eye’, in: Garagisme, Issue No 1, January 2012 


Tamara Warren, “East German El Camino’, in: Automobile, January 2011, p 16, ill 

Kate Bonansinga, ‘Object Lesson: Liz Cohen’, in: Art Lies - A Contemporary Art Journal,  Spring/Summer 2011, pp 76-77, ill 


Sarah Margoles-Pineo, ‘Yes, That is a Car Seat in my Low Rider: An Interview with Liz Cohen’, on:, 3 November 2011 

Melanie McWhorter, ‘The Punctuation of Photobooks’, on:, Issue 7


Karen Rosenberg, ‘Liz Cohen: Trabantimino’, in: The New York Times, 29 October 2010, C26, ill 

Michael Wilson, ‘Liz Cohen, Trabantimino’, in: Time Out New York, 28 October - 3 November 2010, p 41, ill 

Fabienne Stephan, ‘On Tools and Bikinis, or the Voyage of Liz Cohen’, in: Fantom Photographic  Quarterly, Issue 03 -Spring 2010, pp 30-37, ill 

Brienne Walsh, ‘Liz Cohen’s Car Culture’, on:, 4 November 2010  

Linda Yablonsky, ‘The Amazing Collapsable Family Muscle Car’, on:, 29 October 2010  

Liza Bear, ‘Liz Cohen: Trabantimino’, on:, 15 October 2010 

Tamara Warren, ‘The Trabantimino: The Art of Building a Trabant Lowrider’, on:



Jen Graves, ‘Liz Cohen Interviewed by Jen Graves’, in: The Believer, November/December 2007, pp  79-86, ill 

Holly Myers, ‘’Body Double’: Through a Lens Starkly’, in: Los Angeles Times, 12 September 2007


Benjamin Genoccio, ‘Hotel Rooms Set the Scene, and 45 Artists Star’, in: The New York Times, 5  August 2007


Linda Yablonsky, ‘Hotel Rooms Become Overnight Stars’, in: The New York Times, 8 July 2007 Jori Finkel, ‘Saying the F-Word’, in: ARTnews, February 2007, pp 118-119, ill 


Friederike Güsefeld, ‘Bodywork’, in: Sleek (Germany), Winter 2006/2007, cover, ill


Marilena Astrapellou, ‘My Lowrider - Liz Cohen’, in: Intersection Magazine, Fall 2006, p 152, ill Maria Milén, ‘Intervju: Bilbyggande bikinibrud’, in: Femkul (Stockholm), February 2006, pp 28-29, ill 

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