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 "For the “Bodywork” series she transformed two cars, the American El Camino and the East German Trabant into a lowrider while simultaneously transforming her own body to become a bikini model for her car at lowrider shows. The project examines her in-betweenness as a first-generation Latina and a child of the Cold War, with Colombian parents who tended to favor Warsaw Pact countries over Disneyland for summer vacations."
           ––– Salon 94, 2021

As I built the Trabantimino, I became the bikini model that would represent it. That effort resulted in
three bodies of photographic work: BODYWORK, Zwickau Routine, and Along the River Road.
Each body of work documents the location of the car, its state of construction, and the characters
who surround it.

BODYWORK documents the several years I spent building the Trabantimino as an apprentice at
Elwood Bodyworks. Bill Cherry, my mentor, let me use his tools. He and the other guys at the
shop constantly reminded me of the 5 P's: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

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